Commissioned by the District of Zeeburg Amsterdam

Implemented with the support of:
the Ymere Housing Association
and the Amsterdam Art Fund
Stadsdeel Zeeburg


Jaap de Jonge was commissioned to develop a proposal for the Ambon Square, which would involve lighting in combination with paving patterns.
The starting point for the artwork that he developed, was to reveal the imaginary traces that would be left behind by the residents and the square’s users.
The immediate reason behind this work was the fact that this neighbourhood lacks social cohesion so that people are living in isolation.
The paving pattern literally connects the residents’ doorways and emphasises the collective use of the public space.
De Jonge’s plan is an extension of the plans of DS Landscape Architects, which involve removing every physical obstacle – such as low walls, fences and different levels – so that the space can be experienced as a whole.
The paving’s direction and the indicated traces create a visual link between the various parts of the area.
The lines’ shiny reflective surface imbues the paths with a constantly changing appearance, as influenced by the light and the weather conditions. The amber-coloured LEDs are activated in the evening and provide an extra visual dimension.

Previous sketches, additional documentation3

ambonplein 2005

Pilkes infra (ruud)

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sketch night impression ambonstraat

sketch daylight impression ambonstraat

detail corner ambonplein paving patterns.

imaginary traces ambonplein, straat and batjanstraat


amber-coloured LED's