The Eye

Commissioned by the Freudenthal Institute

Advisor: SKOR

Technical production: Alenco, Wim van Velthoven & the Freudenthal Institute.

Jaap de Jonge has created an ingenious, interactive artwork for the Freudenthal Institute. The Institute is an ‘Expertise Centre for Arithmetical and Mathematical Education’, and is a part of the University of Utrecht’s Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology. It specialises in improving all levels of arithmetic and maths education, particularly in primary and secondary schools, and vocational training.
The Eye has been attached to an outer wall of the Freudenthal Institute, which is located directly opposite Utrecht Overvecht Station.
It displays the activities of the Freudenthal Institute to the outside world, and is mainly intended to show children that arithmetic and maths are exciting subjects that almost anyone can learn, and are an essential part of our daily lives.
The Eye consists of a coarse-grain graphic display, which has a diameter of approximately one-and-a-half metres and is attached to the Institute’s outer wall. This display comprises 432 pixels, and covers a wide variety of visual compositions. It is linked to the internet, and shows arithmetical and mathematical exercises.
The Eye functions as a problem-solving stimulus, not only for train passengers and other passers-by but also for children who are involved with maths on the Freudenthal Institute’s websites:

http://www.fi.uu.nl/rekenweb http://www.fi.uu.nl/wisweb.

Participants’ interact via the internet with the display. The Freudenthal Institute will keep producing new "questions" for The Eye so that this artwork will never lose its meaning. Hence, it is a permanent ‘work in progress’, and will ensure that arithmetic and maths remain a part of Utrecht’s daily life.

Jaap de Jonge is active in various areas of the visual arts and applied design. One of his interests is the inclusion of recent technological inventions in his artworks. His work is often user friendly and interactive. De Jonge’s works can be characterised as tools: either they do something or you can do something with them.



eerdere schetsontwerpen

the making of


terug naar boven