Charismatic Images



Through the tape Charismatic Images David Garcia and Jaap de Jonge introduce the first stage in a thought experiment which sets out to develop a “userlanguage” for the visual art.

This language takes the form of a series of abstract icons.
A number of artist made individual works using these icons as a means of introspection and communication.
A starting point for discussion and practice.
The icons that are used for the basis of Charismatic Images are deliberately abstract, so they can be reappropriated by every user.
They are designed for both individual and cooperative use.
The design of the shapes is linked to both artist’s fascination with power of corporate and political logo’s, particulary abstract ciphers like the peace symbol or the swastica. In these symbols a whole world of values and desires is compressed into an abstract form.

Although deliberately nonsymbolic the shapes are a reminiscent of selforganizing and selfreplicating systems in nature. As a way of introducing their userlanguage the videotape Charismatic Images explores in fact and fantasy the implications of the thought experiment.

10 minutes




The alphabeth

Scetch for the Charismatic Images installation during the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

still from videotape

still from videotape

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