Sketch for a commission for the Municipality of Nijmegen

A former barracks on the Limos terrain

Website with camera

Focusing on the Present and Zooming In on the Past

A reconnaissance camera has been positioned on the neighbourhood’s highest building.
This can be operated by means of a website.
You can turn the camera through 360 degrees, move it up and down, and zoom in.

By using another button, you can also go back into both the recent and the distant past.
Here, you will enter an archive of photos where, with exactly the same interface, you can view details of the past. In chronological order, these consist of the various phases of the new building, the demolition work, the military history and perhaps some even older images.

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Live camera, focused on the present, zoomed in on a detail in the neighbourhood

Photo archive, focused on the past

Photo archive, focused on the past and zoomed in on a detail