At this moment I am finishing a public artwork for a disability related theatre company in Bradford, called “Mind the Gap” located at the Lister mills area. It’s a new build theatre, due to open the end of this year.The work consist of 20 cameras, mounted at 20 strategic locations throughout the buildin, taking a snapshot every 3 seconds. These images appear on the 7 info-screens, 24 hours a day, monitoring the activity in the building. Recent recordings are pasted on to of previous snapshots.
This artwork is contantly assuming a different appearence. A computer generates the random parameters, such as seize, the location on the screen, digital zoom, frame colour and proportion. At one or more locations in the building colourfull frames are painted on the walls, indicating the precise camera view. This is where you can make a snapshot of youselfe, friends an family to be part of the artwork.It combines the information function of the plasma-screens and artwork, by using one design. The snapshots will still be visible as border and background, while info is being displayed.
The final result is an ever changing image, the will be recognized by everybody, framing the colourfull and diverse activities of the Mind the Gap organisation.