Proposal sketch

Commissioned by the Municipality of Beverwijk

Location: Nieuwbouw Broekpolder

Commission proposal: Jaap de Jonge

The 80, cast-resin wall anchors will be attached to the centre’s façades. Their exact position is yet to be determined. The basic form remains the same so that an engraved image will be fixed to the site of the ‘anchoring’. A total of 80 different images will be used. Pairs of anchors will be fastened to the façade with bolts.

The images are taken from both our current visual culture and that of the recent past.
The democratic way in which these symbols are used in both a mixed and in a chronological order, puts the worlds behind these symbols into perspective.

The question is: when does the ‘modern era’ begin? The literal meaning of ‘modern’ is: ‘belonging to the more recent era’. For that reason, you could also describe the subject of the Citadel as being modern rather than historicised.
Of course, there are major differences when you compare the structure of the Citadel to the construction methods of the 17th and 18th centuries. These cities and streets were developed in an organic way without the assistance of large-scale planning and project developers.

Only the external forms have been adopted for the Citadel, and the building method hardly differs from the concrete skeleton of a house with a through lounge.
A form of façade construction has been applied to the Citadel so that the use of wall anchors is no longer necessary, because its concrete structure is self-supporting.

In previous eras, the function of wall anchors was to anchor the wooden floors to the stone construction. Along with this function, attention was also devoted to the anchors’ decorative aspect. However, these elements, which are vital to the Citadel’s image, have been left out despite the fact that they are an essential component!
In terms of construction, the anchor has lost its function but remains relevant as a decorative element. Its new function could be as an anchor to the modern era.

examples of wall anchors





















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