The Municipality of Assen

The De Pittelo Schools and Sport Centre Complex

Proposal sketch

Drawing with Light

This proposal sketch links all three locations that are involved in the commission. Matrixes will be attached to the walls of both the schools and the sport centre at sites that are still to be determined. The dimensions will depend on the specific location, and will also be determined at a later point in time.

The sports centre will certainly require a larger size than the two schools. While the matrix can be operated at both the schools, it will only be available for viewing at the sports centre.

Touching one of the matrix’s small squares will cause it to light up. When this light-emitting square is touched once again, the light will be turned off.

Groups of children can operate the artwork at the same time. Actions in School A can be seen at School B and vice versa. Squares that are turned on in School A, can be turned off in School B.
In this way, it is possible to work on a communal drawing.

This communication between the pupils can also be seen at the sports centre.
Apart from making drawings, it is also possible, for instance, to write your initials or play games.

A book will be produced of examples, which can be copied. The children could also be involved with setting up an archive for the best drawings. The drawings could, for instance, be made first on paper and then produced in light.

Of course, the artwork can also be switched off, and the link between the schools can, if necessary, be blocked.

The communication between the two schools is the work’s most important aspect.

The illuminated squares are made of maintenance-free, impact-proof plastic.
The lighting behind the plastic consists of LEDs, which have a lifespan of ten years or more.
This work involves no mechanical elements.
The change in the magnetic field right behind the square causes the light to be switched on and off. Each matrix consists of 13 x 13 squares: a total of 169 picture elements.

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